Friday, October 29, 2010

How Christian got his groove back | san diego family photographer

First let me just say that this post comes oozing with optimism (those who know me best should start picking their jaws up off the floor now).  Can it be that months of computer/website/whatever else could go wrong are finally on the mend?  I'm holding out hope that things are finally looking up.  Email is still a little wonky, but I think we've finally got the new website just about ready to launch.  The blog has been slow...ok, dead...for the last few months due mostly in part to said computer issues, but also to some personal stuff that's well...personal.  That said, I've got my optimism on and what better family to start with then this one... may recognize them.  I've photographed them twice before and both me and my camera love them.  When you last saw Christian, he was brand spankin' new to this world and his parents, Sophia and Steve were adjusting to life without sleep.  ;)  Well, Mr. Christian is now a year old and even more handsome than the last time we saw him.  On top of that...this boy loves to dance.  He cannot help it...if he hears a tune, his body has to dance.  So like most his age, he was a little hesitant with me sticking my big ol' camera in his face, but with a little help from dad's singing the theme song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Christian got his groove and worked the dooty out of their session.  ;)

Note: It's holiday season again...which means limited sneak peeks.  Gotta save the surprise for everyone's holiday cards.  but no worries, Christian was so "on", we've got plenty of just his cuteness to hold everyone over.

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