Tuesday, July 12, 2011

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Following up from last post, we’ve officially gone from moving to moved. Settled, however, is clearly going to take some time.

There are still boxes unpacked, shred bags un-shredded (my God the volume of documents we need to shred!), and items I only realize I need to find at the inopportune time of when I actually need them. *shrug*  Still…the one thing that bothers me most is the bare walls. I have some photos and trinkets up on the mantle already; and I have my one piece of authentic Palauan wood art that I definitely will hang but I’m just waiting to hear which wall will beg me to hang this piece of art on it. Yes walls can talk! But the rest of the walls in this place are milky white aka blah. I’ve long been a fan of art and even have some favorite artists but that’s just for the sheer enjoyment of viewing those pieces, whether in a museum, book, magazine, online, etc. It is an entirely different thing to choose art for your home. There are lots of paintings and pieces I’ve seen online that I like, but I mostly look at them and think, “do I love it?” and “will I love it in a year? Five years? Ten?”

So that in mind my friends…who’s art do you love and have let find a place in your house? Where do you shop for the pieces that become a part of your everyday landscape?

Here are some pieces that have caught my eye; some I’m considering purchasing, others I’m just admiring for the sake of admiration.

I SOOOO want all three of these Polaroid pieces framed and on a wall in my place. I will DEFINITELY be ordering them. They are courtesy of the Yellow Owl Workshop via Velocity Art and Design’s site.
Polaroid Camera 1 Print by Yellow Owl WorkshopPolaroid Camera 2 Print by Yellow Owl WorkshopPolaroid Camera 3 Print by Yellow Owl Workshop

I got turned on to Blanca Gomez by the lovely ms Tara Whitney. She blogged about some reno she did to a small space in her home and found these adorable prints by Blanca. That same day, my friend Erin, who has an amazing blog, talked about some spur-of-the-moment reno work in her own home (turned out beautifully), which included art from a store that carried Blanca's work. How sweet is this?
The Couple Print by Blanca Gomez
I absolutely WILL own an Audrey Kawasaki someday. WILL!


And I’ve kind of taken to Kristin Kemper’s pieces. There’s a bit of a Disney feel to her work. I’m thinking I may be able to find some stuff I can use in the daughter’s room. Wdyt?

The Spaces in Between - 11x14 Art Print SignedUmbrellas in the Rain - Art Print Signed 8x8

And I am inspired by these pieces by Matthew Heller. It’s a watercolor collaboration between him and his son. I’m thinking of attempting my own collaboration with the girl to really personalize the space. I also dig his Homage to Music (literally the words of a song on the wall).  Would love to do that in a room someday…

<b>Forever (collaboration with my son),</b> 2010. Acrylic, crayon, ink, pencil and watercolor on paper, 17”(H) x 12”(W).<br/><i>available</i><b>Homage to Music #18, Dream On,</b> 2009 . Acrylic on canvas, 48”(H) x 60”(W).<br/><i>unavailable</i>

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