Thursday, June 25, 2009

The little girl in my heart is crying...

I suppose the day had to come some day, but I didn't think it would be this soon. At just 50 years old, Michael Jackson, THE KING OF POP, has passed away. This is hitting me harder than I am prepared for. Celebrities are just people, like you and me, and I am not usually shocked or emotionally unsettled; saddened, of course, because the loss of a life is still a loss. But this...this celebrity death is permeating the skin and bones and making it's way to my core. Yes, his last decade or so in life was riddled with oddities and scandal, but the little girl in my heart can't help but remember studying his dance moves and practicing them with my big brother; the little girl in my heart remembers playing his tapes and rewinding them, playing and rewinding, so I could learn every word of his songs; the little girl in my heart remembers watching his videos and The Wiz and thinking she was going to marry that man. His songs, particulary those of the 80s and early 90s, are a part of the soundtrack of my life and are attached to memories that are evoked every time I hear his music. So today...the little girl in my heart is crying over the loss of Michael Jackson. I am praying for his family - particularly for his three children, and hoping he finally gets some peace.

Monday, June 15, 2009

The Sofia and Maya show...

As a lifestyle photographer, I have gotten used to the idea that when it comes to shooting kids, they pretty much run the show.  Because, you know, I want to capture the kids doing what they do best...being themselves.  Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting Heather, Chuck, and their pretty-as-all-get-out twin girls, Sofia and Maya.  At just over 14 months old, they are pretty much mastering the whole walking thing.  Couple that with their natural instinct to explore, explore, explore and it easily turned this session into a laugh factory.  I'm not sure I've ever laughed so much at a photo session.  I had such a great time photographing (yet another) beautiful family, on a beautiful day, in  beautiful place.  Gosh my job is SO hard ;)   Ok...enough of me, right?!  

Let's start with the stars of the show.  Maya's on the left; Sofia, right.  Are they not like, crazy adorable?!
poland8.jpg picture by bebemomma

I love this one because of Maya's "blue steel" ;)
poland6bw.jpg picture by bebemomma

And this one because I think Sofia was telling me I needed to use the ol' noggin a little more.  ;)
poland2.jpg picture by bebemomma

Daddy and Maya share a moment...
poland4.jpg picture by bebemomma

Let's not forget mommy and Sofia
poland10.jpg picture by bebemomma

poland5.jpg picture by bebemomma

poland9bw.jpg picture by bebemomma

poland7.jpg picture by bebemomma

Heather and Chuck, it was a real pleasure to meet you and the girls yesterday.  I hope you guys enjoy your sneak peek!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Beautiful day with a beautiful family...

As you might have noticed, the blog has been revamped!  Got a nice, nifty new flash header; posts are centered and streamlined, with all the links at the top and bottom of the page; and the most important change - BIGGER PICTURES!  Thank God, because the family I'm about to tell you about is too beautiful to be squinting to try to see.  ;)  Speaking of...let's get into their sneak peeks!

Most of this week, this morning included, the term "June Gloom" seemed to be in full effect.  It seemed that, at any given moment, the clouds were on the verge of opening up and letting the rain invade our space.  But by some happy miracle, shortly before I met up with today's clients, the clouds had a change of heart and ushered in miles upon miles of golden sunshine.  It's like they knew I was going to meet another amazing family today!  Chelsea and Michael are parents to two of THE most adorable little kids I've ever laid eyes on.  Seriously - just shy of 3 is miss Ella, and I'm telling you she has a face that belongs on TV - she could sell me anything.  Handsome little Quintin has the biggest smile, a sweet demeanor, and dimples that you could camp in (I can only imagine the trouble they will get him into someday!).  It's really not that hard to believe though, given how good looking mom and dad are.  I know I say it a lot, but it's true - I get to shoot the most beautiful families! enough of my late-night ramblings, let's get to the pictures!

ehlert10bw.jpg picture by bebemomma

ehlert12.jpg picture by bebemomma

ehlert11.jpg picture by bebemomma

ehlert6.jpg picture by bebemomma

The adorable Ella and handsome pops!
ehlert1.jpg picture by bebemomma

The cutimous maximus mr. Q and his ridiculously pretty mama.
I should also note - her eyes are naturally that amazing!  I did nothing to them in editing.
ehlert3.jpg picture by bebemomma

This one of Quintin is a little soft, but I just LOVE his face in it!
ehlert4.jpg picture by bebemomma

I know, I know: she's flippin gorgeous!
ehlert8bw.jpg picture by bebemomma

ehlert2.jpg picture by bebemomma

ehlert7.jpg picture by bebemomma

Chelsea and Michael - it was such a pleasure to meet and photograph your family today.  I hope you both enjoy your sneak peeks!

And now I think I'll follow in Ella's footsteps and treat myself with some ice cream.  ;)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Release Me...

Song of the day: Release Me by Agnes

I haven’t actually heard this song played on any US radio stations, but it gets plenty airplay on both of my fave UK stations (Kiss 100 FM and Galaxy FM), but Release Me is one of my current loves. Her voice is just so beautiful; it’s like your ears have won the lottery. I also find the title fitting as I prepare to release the new version of the blog. I promise it will be up and running soon, and hopefully you’ll all love it as much as I do.

What else am I working on? Well…photo sessions, of course. I have been happily busy over the last couple of weeks, with some back to back sessions. Good news is more pictures and more happy clients; the bad news is, I’m a little behind in editing. But I have one last client to finish up and we’ll be back on track. Though I will admit that I could probably use some better organizational skills…any ideas or tips from the readers that help you to stay organized? Please comment below.

I have two more sessions coming up this weekend (yay!), then taking a break and spending father’s day weekend in Las Vegas! I’m so excited to spend the weekend away with my hubby and some good friends in one of my favorite places on Earth. Can’t wait to turn my camera loose in the neon-lit dessert, and am planning on blogging about the debauchery trip when I get back.

Back to photography – I have room for one more session this month and I’m happy to say I’ve already even started booking into August. So if you or anyone you know is thinking about getting some portraits done, shoot me an email so we can get you booked! What are you waiting me already :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Olivia at home...

You may remember this beautiful family from their maternity/family session just two weeks ago.  Well, Karina had baby Olivia last Sunday and yesterday I got to spend the morning photographing this new, lovely family of 4.  Olivia is just as beautiful as big sister Sienna and also just as sweet.  So instead of my usual long-winded ramblings, I'm going to just jump right in and show you just how beautiful this entire family is.

Sweet feet
O by you.

Miss Olivia

O by you.

Karina, Sienna, and Olivia share a moment.
O by you.

And of course, Doug and all of his girls :)
O by you.

O by you.

O by you.

And of my new favorite portraits ever!
O by you.

Karina and Doug, thank you for welcoming me into your home (which I LOVE by the way) and  letting me capture such a special time in your lives.  Congratulations to you both, and to big sister Sienna.  

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