Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Release Me...

Song of the day: Release Me by Agnes

I haven’t actually heard this song played on any US radio stations, but it gets plenty airplay on both of my fave UK stations (Kiss 100 FM and Galaxy FM), but Release Me is one of my current loves. Her voice is just so beautiful; it’s like your ears have won the lottery. I also find the title fitting as I prepare to release the new version of the blog. I promise it will be up and running soon, and hopefully you’ll all love it as much as I do.

What else am I working on? Well…photo sessions, of course. I have been happily busy over the last couple of weeks, with some back to back sessions. Good news is more pictures and more happy clients; the bad news is, I’m a little behind in editing. But I have one last client to finish up and we’ll be back on track. Though I will admit that I could probably use some better organizational skills…any ideas or tips from the readers that help you to stay organized? Please comment below.

I have two more sessions coming up this weekend (yay!), then taking a break and spending father’s day weekend in Las Vegas! I’m so excited to spend the weekend away with my hubby and some good friends in one of my favorite places on Earth. Can’t wait to turn my camera loose in the neon-lit dessert, and am planning on blogging about the debauchery trip when I get back.

Back to photography – I have room for one more session this month and I’m happy to say I’ve already even started booking into August. So if you or anyone you know is thinking about getting some portraits done, shoot me an email so we can get you booked! What are you waiting me already :)


the mangiafico family said...

yay!!!! that means i am the last client....i am getting anxious, i know the pics will be well worth the wait!!! =)

Nes said...

love the updated blog! looks nice :)

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