Sunday, January 31, 2010

A dozen smiles | San Diego family photographer

Today I met one of the most fun, charming, and beautiful families in all of San Diego. Seriously. I'll admit being a shade nervous anticipating my largest group yet - eight adults and four kiddos under three - but I had *such* a great time photographing all of them.

As you can imagine, shooting a large group means LOTS of pictures, so this post is going to be word light and photo HEAVY (which is how most would prefer it anyway. lol)! Let's get to the sneak peeks...

Let's start with where it all started - Roberto and Ana (and their furbabies, too!).

With their grandbabies...

The whole gang!

Check out Ruthie and Peter heating things up. Careful you two - that's how you got the lovely Valencia and Toby ;)

Definition of cute = Toby

Go ahead...melt from the sweetness! :)

Another furbaby, Cooper, getting in on the photo action...

Hayley, Eduardo, and Adrian looking fab.

I found myself a little jealous of Adrian's wardrobe ;)

Dan, Jessica, and little Sophia being beautiful together...

I swear Sophia is "smizing" like no one's business. Tyra would be proud ;)

LOVE this family. Great job guys!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Walkin on Sunshine | san diego family photographer

I love photos. I love beautiful families who love photos. I also especially love that the storm that has been accosting our usually sunny city for the duration of this last week, broke just in time to let this session happen. The weather today, while a tad colder than most of us Sun Diego folks are used to, was capital G-orgeous. Seriously - as I was making my way to this shoot, I had the Katrina & The Waves song blasting from Nigella's speakers (Nigella is the new car's name; more on her in another post). Anyhow, I suppose the fab weather was fitting since the family I had the pleasure of snapping today is capital G-orgeous, too! Don't believe me? Take a sneak peek!

Here's Ciria with her lovely Isela and handsome Joaquin...

The cuteness of miss Isela was almost too much to handle. I mean, seriously.

Joaquin is just the most handsome little boy. Pretty much ever.

Proof that beautiful babies come from beautiful parents.

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