Sunday, August 31, 2008

Sweet Flair...

...aka the Holiday Portrait Special!

With the summer soon coming to its close, it’s time to start thinking about your family's holiday portraits! And for the holiday season, Sweetface Photography is partnering with Photo Flair Designs to offer you a sweet deal on your holiday photo cards. Just book your photo session with Sweetface Photography between now and Thanksgiving and you're entitled to:

35 or more standard photo cards for only $0.90 each! {Regularly $1.25/ea}
15% off 50 or more press print cards {Regularly $1.80/ea}
Complimentary set of matching return address labels

This is a great deal and I can say from personal experience, that Photo Flair Designs offers both great product and customer service. I've used them for my daughter's birthday invitations two years in a row, and our family plans on using them for our holiday cards this year! You can view samples of their work here.

So don't wait a moment longer! Email me today to book your holiday session!

Friday, August 29, 2008

A *star* is born!!!

My niece has made her debut into this world! Stellina (Italian for "little star") is GORGEOUS!!! Mom and dad are both doing well.

Our family is blessed and happy...not to mention busy. So I've got to run, but I'll leave you with this sneak peek.

Of course...a ton of photos are forthcoming.

Take care!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Avery - A very special gift

I am so proud to introduce you all to my cousin Andrenise's newborn baby girl, Avery Nicole. This "little woman" was almost a week overdue...and apparently had a healthy supply of Wheaties in there because she came out 22 inches long and a whopping 11 pounds, 1 ounce! Yeah - I'll give you a minute to let you absorb that. Everyone joked that she gave birth to a toddler! lol

Anywho, we just so happen to be visiting my grandmother in Michigan, who is only a short drive away from my cousin. So we piled into the Caddy, tossed Edzra's directions to the side because Uncle Marvin had "his own way", and made the drive to meet miss Avery. It was actually a long, hot trip due to traffic; but all of our whining and complaining went out the door as soon as we laid our eyes on her. Avery is GORGEOUS! Killer cheeks, a head full of thick hair, and the cutest dimple on her chin.

So enough chatter, I know you only want to see this gorgeous little girl, so here ya go!

Avery snuggling her grandma

showing off her adorable dress

the look of love

daddy's in love...

that adorable dimple I told you about!

Congratulations Andrenise and Edzra! God has truly blessed you with an angel in Avery, and she with wonderful parents like you! We love you guys!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sneak Peek for little miss A

This past Saturday, I met up with the H family. They wanted to take some photos in celebration of little miss A recently turning 2! As a mom to an almost two-year old, I knew I was in for a *busy* shoot and A did not let me down. As soon as they put her down, she was off and running. You gotta love the excitement and wonder of a two-year old. Makes for some fantastic shots. Well...that and her amazingly blue eyes. So without further ado, here are some teasers from the session. Hope you enjoy!

And one of my faves. Talk about your water conductor! :)

I had a blast photographing you A...and your little lamb, too.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who is this...

...toddler who has replaced my baby?

You always hear people say that time flies by, but you really never know just how true that is until you have a child. I remember when she couldn't even hold her own head up and now she is begging me to sit on my lap and stop typing this blog so she can watch Elmo. *sigh* Time flies alright.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Back from vacay!

I have a ton of pics and exciting news to share!'ll have to wait until the weekend for the trip report and more photos. I'm glad to be back in good ol' SD again though. There is truly no place like home! In the's a sneak peek of what's to come...

Monday, August 4, 2008

Summer fun in SD almost always involves water...

In prep for a shoot I have coming up soon, we took Beans and Geeg down to the local mall to play in the chalk garden and water spouts. It was a hot, sunny day, so it was a perfect way to not only test out the location, but also to cool off the girls and WEAR THEM OUT! ;)

beans spout cp

water fun

Geeg was a little more hesistant to get in...but she still had a blast!
gigi h20

Afterward, we all had lunch in the food pavilion, where I managed to catch Beans' newest "face". I have no idea where she got this from...but she cracks me up! It is so fun being her mom.

new face

Friday, August 1, 2008

A midsummer day's post...

There’s a lot going on this month, between photo shoots, birthdays, a baby shower, *my vacay*, and my niece set to make her debut on the 29th! Just thought I would update you on my availability over the next couple of months.

So, with the holidays just around the bend, it’s time to start thinking about family portraits and holiday cards. You may be thinking it’s a little early for holiday photos, but really think about it. How many times have you felt that the holiday season seemed to come out of nowhere? That in the blink of an eye, kids are ringing your bell for candy, you’re carving a turkey, and soon after opening Christmas presents? And if you’re anything like my family – you have holiday celebrations to attend, between family, friends, and work. So the time slips away and the next thing you know, it’s a week before Christmas and you just never got around to getting those portraits done.

Now is definitely the time to gather your family for those all important portraits - when things are still relatively calm and the days are still gloriously long (meaning more yummy sunlight for your photos).

Like I said before, August is booked up, but here are the remaining dates for the month of September:

Saturday, September 13
Sunday, September 14
Sunday, September 21

Also, if you would like to book for October, November or December, please email me at to secure your spot today!

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