Thursday, April 30, 2009

Special Delivery

I just wanted to post a doubly huge CONGRATULATIONS to Allison and Marc on the birth of their twins!

Baby boy, Easton, and baby girl, Aven, made their big, unexpected (she wasn't due until June 9) debut early yesterday morning. I've already seen a couple photos of them and as I, ahem, predicted, those tikes are G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!!! So looking forward to meeting them soon. :)

You can catch up on their maternity session from earlier this month, here.
And because a post just isn't a post without's a couple more shots from their fabulous session.

Congratulations again to Allison, Marc, and big brother Brendon! See you all soon!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The things you dream about...

Sigh. I'm sure most people dream about things like exotic vacations, expensive cars and houses, winning the lotto, etc. I, on the other hand, I dream about camera equipment. equipment. While you were resting your pretty little head on your pillow and picturing yourself frolicking along white sands and crystal blue waters, I was dreaming about lenses. I'm talking full on picturing getting online, going to the website of choice and filling out the order form! lol I chose to take it as a sign, so in a couple of days, I will be adding these bad boys to my arsenal:

The 50mm f/1.4.

I currently have a 50 f/1.8 whom I've named "Nifty", but I'm trading him in for this guy. He will be called Nifty Deux. I know - how creative and original of me.

I'm also expecting this dude - the 100mm f/2.8.

He will be replacing both of my kit lenses (who have not seen the light of day since the month I first bought Atreyu [uhh...that's my camera's name]). Not that there's anything wrong with them; but what's the point in keeping them if I'm not using them? Now is not the time for wasting money, you know? is what Aries will look like.

On a totally different topic - can you believe we're already heading into May?! Where is the time going? It seems like the older you get, the faster time goes. Thankfully, the older Sweetface Photography gets, the busier it gets. May is already shaping up to be a busy month here, as weekend session slots are filling up fast. Booking into June and July has already started, so if you've been wanting to get your family's photos updated, get some headshots for you or your child, or just get some fun anytime shots...get a move on! :) There is no time like the present!

PS - speaking of May. Umm hello...Wolverine this weekend; Star Trek next weekend! I am SO looking forward to summer movie season. What are you looking forward to seeing? Comment below!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Why not a mini for mom and dad?

Both Mother's day (May 10) and Father's day (June 21) are fast approaching. If you're still at a loss for what to give the 'rents, consider giving them the gift of portraits! Limited-availability mini-sessions will be offered on Saturday, May 2, starting at 4:00pm at one of our beautiful beaches.

Aside from making a great gift for mom and dad, a mini-session is the thing for you if you've had or recently had a session with Sweetface Photography but would like new images for the season or to mark a milestone, but not wanting to schedule a full session. Or maybe you've been meaning to try a Sweetface Photography but just haven't gotten around to it. Or maybe you're a friend of a client who's photos you've seen and want a taste of what I have to offer! Or maybe you just want a few gorgeous images of your kiddos. Whatever the case, our mini-sessions wont compare to the full session experience, but they are PERFECT for a little sample of what I have to offer.

Each mini-session costs just $75 and includes:

Approximately 30 minute session (please inquire about pricing for groups larger than four)
10-15 images in a private online gallery
Complementary 8x10 print and 10% off your order
A CD with 3 low-resolution watermarked images for sharing via email, facebook, et al.

If you are interested in booking a mini-session, just send me an e-mail.

If you prefer the luxury of a full custom session, my calendar is filling up fast! Shoot me an email and we'll get you way or another!

Monday, April 6, 2009

The votes have been counted...

...but first let me say, you all have some pretty wonderful friends and family!  They really came out in big numbers to help all of the entrants.  I had to go through 158 votes!!!  So make sure you all thank your friends and family members for casting their votes.  Clearly these little cuties are all very loved :)

It's been a great contest and very exciting to watch all the votes pour in.
Without further ado, our Sweet Faces winner is...

Lucky #7!!!

Thank you everyone for your participation and keep an eye out for future contests and specials!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Worth the bugs...

I had an amazing shoot with one fantastic couple today.  Allison and Marc are expecting twins in about six weeks (though you could never tell just by looking at her cute, perfect little baby bump) and wanted to document this special time in all their lives.  Along for the shoot were many, many, many little bugs...but we still got many, many, many fantastic shots!  

Anyway, these two (or should I say four?) were the perfect subjects; both so sweet, funny, and came ready to try anything.  It's also very clear that these babies are going to be gorgeous - just look at their parents!  va-va-voom :)

A&M by you.

A&M by you.

A&M by you.

Allison and Marc, thanks for letting me capture this time for you guys.  I had such a great time photographing you and I cannot wait to meet your little boy and girl!  Hope you enjoy your teaser shots...emphasis on teaser ;)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

It's that time...


Sorry I'm late getting to this, but you can blame Cox Cable for this one. As many know, we moved this past weekend. Our internet/phone/cable was supposed to be set up on Saturday, but apparently they didn't turn it on. Sunday we called it quits a little early because we were all beat; it was then we realized our services hadn't been activated. So hubby called them and after making him run up and down the stairs to test all the jacks in every room, they still couldn't fix it. They couldn't get a tech out to us until yesterday, frustrating me even further. Oh well - I'm just glad they were finally able to get us up and running.

So all that said, let's just put it in the past and look to future. There are more important things to think about - like who is going to win our Sweet Faces contest. We got lots of adorable entrants - so cute they all are, I'm just glad that I'm not the one who has to decide who the winner is. Voting starts now and since we were delayed in getting this up, the final voting day is now moved to Sunday, April 5.

So here's how it works - in the comment section, post the number of the photo you'd like to vote for. Remember, only ONE vote per household, per day. Make sure you tell your family and friends so they can get in on the voting, too! Please note that in an effort to maintain fairness, no 'anonymous' votes will be counted.

So without further ado, I give you your Sweet Faces contestants...










Good luck to all the contestants and happy voting!!!

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