Monday, June 20, 2011

Movin' on up | orange county family photographer read that right.

The big news is that Sweetface Photography is moving! Starting in July, I'm going to be an Orange Countyer! Orange Countian? Orange Countyite? OCR (Orange County resident)…yeah...we’ll just go with that. ha!

First I want to thank all of my clients over the past three years. It has been quite an amazing run here in San Diego (my home for the last 20 years - literally). When I first started Sweetface, I had it in mind that in order for me to be successful, I would need a ton of clients booking me. But very shortly I learned that while that may be an appropriate goal for some, for me, my success meant repeat customers. Because it meant that [1] they appreciated my art so much that they felt secure in trusting me to capture some lasting memories for their families. And an equally important [2] these wonderful people not only appreciated me as an artist, but connected with me on another level. That has become my barometer for success – repeat clientele – and I’ve been very blessed in that the majority of my business has been such. So on that end, I admit I am quite disheartened leaving behind such amazing people.

However, I am going to go into this move with an optimistic heart and mind. I’m telling myself that I can achieve the same level of success and even grow, as Sweetface Photography plants its feet on Orange County’s soil. I will be taking the summer off so that I can settle in, get me and my family acclimated to the lay of the new land, prepare my little one for KINDERGARTEN (wow!), and get the business changes in order. While I will not be doing any physical shooting this summer, I WILL be accepting clients for the holiday season (sessions taking place September through November). So my friends, if you have any friends and family members in the Orange County area (or close by) who you happen to know are looking for a family photographer who wants to grow with their growing families, please let them know I’m headed their way and to shoot me an email. Or heck…even if you’re in San Diego, we can definitely work something out as far as travel for your session. I already have one San Diego family (one of those amazing repeat clients/friends I was talking about earlier) booked for their holiday session in San Juan Capistrano! So things can definitely be worked out folks. Talk about a great way to veer away from the “typical” san diego shoot. ;)

*sigh* I’m long-winded, I know. I promise, I’m shutting up soon.

Again, I just want to thank all of you for your support, encouragement, and for many of you, your friendship. There seriously are not enough words to express how much you mean to me. It’s been one amazing ride.

You stay classy, San Diego!

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